Product Licenses

Verify Product Licenses Before Purchase

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing a product, it is important to check its license to ensure it meets your needs and allows for potential resale or alteration of content.

Here’s a summary of our product licenses and what they allow.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

A PLR license allows full control of a product. With PLR, the user can edit, modify, claim authorship, and sell the product as they wish. Note that specific product licenses may have additional restrictions, so it’s important to review the product’s full license before purchasing.

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

The Master Resell Rights License allows you to resell the product and grant resell rights to your customers. If you purchase a product with this license, you can sell it and your buyer can also resell it. In some instances, it may also permit you to give master resell rights to your customers.

Resell Rights (RR)

RR (Resell Rights) license allows the item to be sold to multiple customers. However, there are restrictions, as you cannot sell the product with resale rights. This means that you can only sell the product as is and cannot pass on or offer a resale license to your customers.

Personal Use (PU)

Personal Use licenses are only for personal purposes such as reading, sharing (if allowed), or teaching. Products with PU cannot be resold or altered as the license prohibits these actions. Unlimited backup copies can be made with this license. Unless specified in the license or product, distribution is usually not allowed.

Commercial Use (CU)

The license allows commercial selling and distribution. Our digital products often specify the conditions for doing so, e.g. with Master Resell Rights (MRR), meaning you can sell and distribute the product subject to the MRR license terms.

Give Away Rights (GAR)

Give Away Rights allow for free distribution and sharing of digital products online and with subscribers on a mailing list. These products may come with the option to sell, but it’s not mandatory, and you can choose to give them away for free.