Terms of Use

1. Overview

Terms of Use : Awareseed.com is owned and operated by “Awareseed” and its affiliates. Use of the site is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The site offers information and services provided by “Awareseed” and its affiliated websites, mobile apps, videos, products, and applications. The company reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the site or any part of it at any time.
  • Children under 13 years of age should not use the site or provide personal information.
  • “Awareseed” does not guarantee the site’s accessibility or legality outside the United States. Users accessing the site from outside the U.S. are responsible for compliance with local laws.

2. Disclaimer

The information on the site is for informational purposes only and “Awareseed” does not guarantee its accuracy, value, or completeness. Users are responsible for verifying the information’s suitability.

3. Right to Modify the Terms of Use

“Awareseed” reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time. Continued use of the site implies acceptance of these changes.

4. Intellectual Property

Materials on the site, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, music, and trademarks, are the property of “Awareseed” (https://awareseed.com) and protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws. These materials may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes with “Awareseed’s” prior written consent.

5. Dependence on the Information provided on the site

We do not review site content, including contributions from other writers, and users should not expect us to do so.

About Our Writing Team
Awareseed has a team of writers who conduct thorough research and publish content only after verifying its viability. We do not intend to provide misleading or inaccurate information, but if any information on the Awareseed site is found to be incorrect, misleading, or unreliable, the Awareseed team, affiliates, or writers cannot be held responsible.

Content posted by non-Awareseed team contributors is not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, or reliable, and they will be solely responsible for their information. We do not verify the accuracy of their contributions.

The site should be used as a reference or informational source only and not relied on solely. We only provide general information and do not claim to resolve personal issues or needs permanently.

You accept that any actions taken against the terms of our agreement are at your own risk, and Awareseed and its affiliates will have no responsibility or liability to you in any circumstances. Site communications are at your own risk and not subject to confidentiality obligations. Professional advice should be sought.

6. Your Provided Content

If you choose to disclose any personal information on the Site, be aware that it may be viewed by others and indexed by search engines, which can result in unwanted contact from unknown parties. We advise against posting personal or sensitive information on the site.

Any contribution made to the site will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. By contributing to our site, you grant us and our affiliates the right to use, reproduce, modify, perform, exhibit, distribute, and otherwise disclose this material for any purpose.

You acknowledge that:

  • You own the rights to the User Contributions and have the right to grant the license mentioned above to us and our affiliates.
  • All Contributions must comply with the Terms of Use. You are fully responsible for the content you submit, including its validity, reliability, accuracy, and suitability. The company and its affiliates are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any Contributions made by users or outsiders on the Site.

Termination Rights

  • We have the right to remove or delete any post for any reason.
  • We may reveal your identity to a party that claims that content posted by you has caused harm to them or violated their privacy.
  • We may take legal action for unauthorized use of the site.
  • We have the right to block your access to the site for any reason deemed offensive by us.
  • We may take legal action against any Contributions that violate the Terms of Use, including those that do not meet standards, infringe intellectual property rights, harm the personal safety of users, or the company.

We have the right to cooperate with authorities or court orders to reveal the identity of anyone posting content on our site and cannot be held responsible for actions taken as a result of any investigation.

We do not review all content posted on the site and cannot guarantee the immediate removal of offensive content. We are not liable for any communication or content provided by third parties or contributors.

Content Standards

All contributors must follow the content standards when using Interactive Services. Contributions must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and must not:

  • Contain any material that is obscene, abusive, offensive, or hateful.
  • Promote sexually explicit or pornographic content, violence, or discrimination.
  • Violate any patent, trademark, copyright, or other rights.
  • Infringe legal rights or provide content that could lead to liability or conflict with the Terms of Use.
  • Be part of any illegal activity or promote any unlawful acts.
  • Mislead or impersonate any person or organization.
  • Be used for commercial activities or advertising.”

7. Prohibited Use of the Site

You may only use the information on the site for lawful purposes and in accordance with the Terms of Use.

You agree not to use the Site for any of the following purposes:

  • In violation of any federal, state, local, or international law or regulation.
  • To transmit any advertising or promotional material, such as junk mail, chain letters, spam, or similar solicitations.
  • In a manner that exploits or harms minors by exposing them to inappropriate content.
  • To impersonate Awareseed, its affiliates, employees, another user, or any other person or entity by using false identity.
  • To engage in activities that restrict access to the Site, causing harm to Awareseed.
  • Data scraping from the site for any commercial, marketing, or other purposes. Introducing viruses, Trojan horses, or any harmful material to the site.
  • Attempting unauthorized access, affecting, damaging, or disturbing any parts of the Site.
  • Interfering with the Site’s operation.

8. Your Responsibility to Indemnify Us

You are required to indemnify and defend Awareseed and its affiliates from any liability, fees, and claims arising from your Contributions or breach of the Terms of Use and its representations, warranties, and covenants.

You must fully cooperate in the defense of any such claims. Awareseed has the right to take on the defense of any matter for which you are indemnifying us, at our own expense.

9. Disclaimer of Warranties

The Site is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title, and those which cannot be excluded or modified under applicable law.

We do not endorse and will not be liable for the accuracy or reliability of any opinions, advice, or statements on the Site. The information, facts, and opinions on the Site are not a substitute for professional advice.

10. Dispute Resolution

Any disputes related to the Site and these Terms of Use shall be governed by and resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts in the State of New York in the event of a dispute.

All claims or actions related to these terms or the Site must be filed within one year from the date the cause of action arose, after which the claim will be permanently barred and you agree to waive any rights to pursue it.

11. Third-Party Links, Sites, Ads, and Content

We do not review third-party websites, ads, or media linked to the Site, thus we are not responsible for their content. Before purchasing any products or services from third-party references or offered on the Site, you should confirm prices, quality, and other necessary information. Neither Awareseed nor its parent or affiliates, agents, or licensors will be held liable for your purchases based on information provided on the Site, and we do not review complaints about such purchases.

12. Liability Disclaimer

By using the site, you assume all risks. Neither Awareseed nor its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, licensors (including contributors) are liable to anyone for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, from your use of the site or the information provided. You forfeit all claims against Awareseed and its affiliates, agents, representatives, and licensors (including contributors) related to your use of the site or its information.

13. Waiver and Non-Loss of Right

Awareseed’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms of Use does not constitute a waiver of that term, and any failure to assert a right or provision under these Terms of Use will not result in the loss of that right or provision.

14. Complete Agreement

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Awareseed and supersedes all prior and concurrent agreements, representations, and warranties with regards to the Site.

15. DMCA Compliance

Awareseed complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) regarding copyright infringement. You may not post any third-party content on the Site without having the legal rights to do so. If you believe your copyrighted work has been used on our Site without permission, you may notify us via email.

Repeat offenders posting infringing content may have their accounts disabled.

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